ROG Ally X

Hey everyone, we’re back again for news and rumors on the ALLY and the new Ally X!

During today’s Pulse Whiston Gordon teased the New ROG Ally X a successor to the Ally (2023)

From this steam as well as the Yen interview with The Verge and rumors from MysteryLupen we can gather and guess that the changes will be as follows.

  • It’s Black!
  • A bigger battery that could be around 60-80wh
  • A redesigned shell that’s more ergonomic.
  • More Ram 24-32gb
  • A redesigned micro SD Card reader
  • Improved joysticks, face buttons, and triggers
  • 2280 nvme support
  • A price that might be around $799

While it’s shaping up to look like it uses the same screen and APU this looks like an excellent overhaul of the original Ally into an even better gaming handheld. Tune into their next stream on (June 2nd) to see the exact specs!