ROG Ally – Micro SD Card Fix

This is a guide and general overview of the fault with Asus Micro SD card reader, or more so the issue with the PTC fuse that causes the reader to no longer be able to read Micro SD cards, and sometimes potentially causing damage due to corruption. Unlike what has been reported on this failure isn’t caused typically by heat, more so a combination of a slightly undersized PTC fuse as well as not enough solder on the joints of the fuse. This guide will cover how to reflow the fuse to ensure a good connection and has had great results in restoring dead micro sd card readers.


  • ZuwaiiVR (original reddit post)
  • ΜỮŞĦƗΜΔŞŦ€ŘǤƗŇҜØ (pictures and testing)
  • YesItsKira – Teardown Pictures (Donate Here)

Materials needed

  • Soldering Iron
  • Solder
  • Flux
  • Phillips size 100 driver
  • Plastic pry tool


  • We recommend if at all possible to RMA your device before attempting this fix
  • This fix while having a large number of successes in restoring readers to working order is not a be-all-end-all fix. Just because it fixes many of them doesn’t mean it will work for you. There is also a chance that over time it could start having issues again.
  • This will void your warranty.
  • This is an advanced mod, if you feel overwhelmed at any point reading this you should walk away.
  • This guide is under construction, please keep this in mind as you read through it.


Remove the back panel and unplug the battery

Remove the 6 screws holding the battery in place and remove it.

Remove both joystick boards

  • 3 ribbon cables
  • 4 screws

Remove motherboard

  • Unplug speaker cable
  • Unplug fan headers
  • Remove fan screws.
  • Remove fans.
  • Unplug 2 cables coming from the wireless card
  • Remove both motherboard ribbon cables.
  • Remove all 9 motherboard screws.
  • Tilt and life motherboard out of shell.

From here we can reflow the fuse. It’s the one closest to the Genesys logic controller on the back side of the main board. The fuse in question is a littelfuse 0805L075SL

We are going to resolder both sides of the fuse but don’t bridge it.

This is what it should look like before being reflowed once. You can see significantly less solder on the left side so let’s fix this.

After soldered on both sides it should look like this.