Transparent Back Plate for ROG Ally RGB & Heat Sink

The ASUS ROG Ally JSAUX Transparent Back Panel is more than an accessory; it’s a magical upgrade. It’s an invitation to see your device in a new light, to appreciate the intricate beauty of its inner workings. Embrace the magic, and let your ROG Ally shine like never before. 🌟✨


The Jsaux ROG Ally Transparent Backplate is a standout accessory for the ROG Ally, combining both aesthetics and functionality in a well-crafted package.

Design and Build Quality The transparent backplate is made from high-quality materials that feel sturdy and durable. The transparency adds a unique visual appeal, allowing users to showcase the internal components of their ROG Ally, which is especially appreciated by tech enthusiasts and gamers who enjoy customizing their devices. The backplate fits perfectly, with all cutouts and ports aligning accurately with the device, ensuring no functionality is hindered.

Installation Installing the backplate is straightforward and user-friendly. Jsaux provides clear instructions that make the process simple, even for those who might not be very tech-savvy. The backplate snaps into place securely, providing a snug fit that doesn’t feel loose or unstable. 【You can Check out our Installation Guide HERE】

Functionality Beyond its aesthetic value, the transparent backplate also offers practical benefits. It includes an integrated RGB module or a heat sink, which helps in dissipating heat more effectively during intense gaming sessions. This feature ensures that the ROG Ally remains cool and performs optimally, even under heavy load. The additional ventilation provided by the backplate is a significant advantage for users who push their devices to the limits.

Durability The backplate has been tested under various conditions, and it consistently proves to be resistant to scratches and wear. The material quality ensures that it can withstand everyday use without losing its clarity or structural integrity. If your rough with your device the plastic shell can scratch so while it’s fairly durable it is just plastic.

Overall Impression The Jsaux ROG Ally Transparent Backplate is an excellent addition for any ROG Ally owner looking to enhance both the appearance and performance of their device. Its combination of aesthetic appeal, ease of installation, and functional benefits make it a must-have accessory. We highly recommend it for those who want to customize their ROG Ally while also ensuring it remains cool and efficient during use.

Where to Buy


  • High-quality, durable materials
  • Easy installation with precise fit
  • Unique transparent design showcases internal components
  • Integrated RGB module or a heat sink for improved cooling


  • Might appeal more to users who enjoy customizing their devices

Overall, the Jsaux ROG Ally Transparent Backplate is a fantastic accessory that adds both style and functionality to the ROG Ally. Whether you’re a gamer or a tech enthusiast, this backplate is sure to enhance your experience.

Notes from Jsaux

  • Not compatible with the PC0109 ModCase for ROG Ally. the protective case may obstruct the light source behind the PC0110 back plate. And the switch of RGB light may be blocked. 
  • Heat Sink Plate – Designed for use with JSAUX Transparent Back Cover only; not compatible with ROG Ally stock back cover. Available exclusively for customers who have purchased RGB Back Plate.
  • There is a Light Sensor inside the ROG Ally. After removing the back cover, you need to attach the Light Sensor Adhesive Sheet we included, install our back cover, and then plug in the game console so that the game console can be used normally.
  • After reinstalling the back cover, the game console needs to be plugged in and activated with a charger before it can be turned on.
  • The Back Plate may be out of power when received. It is best to charge it before using it for the first time.
  • Changing the product’s LOGO pattern can be complex; it’s advisable to decide on the pattern before installation for convenience.
  • When using transparent customizable slides, please ensure to have light-blocking paint ready.
  • If you prefer not to use the RGB module, you can simply remove it or replace it with a 2280 SSD. 
  • Testing Compatibility of 2280 SSD with RGB Module in Transparent Case (without Installing High Heat Sink). Due to potential variations in modifications, there may be instances where components are pressed, and we recommend taking appropriate insulation measures or adjusting the RGB module based on individual circumstances.
  • The transparent back cover isn’t recommended for users who have no experience in DIY and/or disassembling electronic devices. We strongly recommend carefully reviewing the iFixit videos if you choose to install them or seek the services of a professional. Any equipment malfunction caused by the disassembly of the game console, but not by this product, shall be borne by the user.