This is an overview and guide on upgrading to a 2280 drive in the ally. There are now two different ways to fit a 2280 drive in the ally. The first requires you to cut the shell as pictured below, as well as a secondary option that requires you to use a 90* adapter that you’ll have to purchase.

Materials needed

  • Phillips size 100 driver
  • Small wire snips
  • Electric/Kapton tape
  • Plastic pry tool

List of Working SSD’s

  • P3 4tb (non ultra)
  • P3 4tb Ultra

SSD’s That Do NOT Work

  • Teamgroup 4tb
  • 990 Pro 4tb


  • This will likely void your warranty. You can contact customer service for better clarification based on your country, laws, and whats allowed.
  • The Red “warranty void” sticker on the battery and heat pipe does not void your warranty provided you do not damage anything inside of the device and restore it to a factory original condition before the RMA
  • You will need to use a single-sided NVME, double-sided ones will interfere with the ram.
  • Please be aware that there are very affordable 2tb 2230 Nvme’s available. We really only recommend this mod if you already have an existing single-sided 2tb 2280 laying around or are wanting 4tb of storage. The Crucial P3 4tb is currently one of the best choices. If you are buying a nvme for this mod it should be no smaller than 4tb
  • You can find a 2tb 2230 nvme HERE for $129 USD
  • Be extremely careful when removing the back panel screws, battery, and SSD screws as they can strip!


  • Remove back panel
  • Unplug the battery cable
  • Unscrew the battery screws and remove the battery.

  • Move wifi antenna based on this picture
  • Snip plastic from the shell in these locations
  • Wrap NVME with 1 layer of electrical tape so the backside cant short against the board.
  • Slide in 2280 NVME in place.
  • Reinstall the battery and screw it back down.

  • Plug the battery back in.
  • Close the shell all the way (so the light sensor isn’t tripped)
  • Screw the case back together.
  • Plug in the OEM charger, press and hold the power button, and release it once the screen is on.
  • The Ally will not power on after the back cover has been opened unless you plug in the OEM charger.
  • Once on the Republic Of Gamers screen you must wait around 180 seconds for it to boot.