eXtremeRate Face Clicky Kit for Steam Deck LCD & OLED

The Extremerate SD Face Clicky Kit provides a customized and innovative solution to improve your console gaming performance..
With this kit, your controller’s face buttons will become highly responsive and accurate, giving you a significant advantage during gameplay.


  • Check out our install and mod guide (HERE)

Product Feature:

  • The tact switches clicky kit can shorten the distance of the face buttons, improving the button responsiveness function in games.
  • The crisp mouse click sound provides an excellent tactile response, eliminating the previous mushy feeling when pressing the buttons.
  • The response of the face buttons is more flexible and accurate with negligible chance of sticking.
  • Easy to install, requires disassembling the console. No soldering is required.
  • Tap here to check the installation guide video for LCD: eXtremeRate Steam Deck LCD Face Clicky Kit Installation Guide
  • Tap here to check the installation guide video for OLED: eXtremeRate Steam Deck OLED Face Clicky Kit Installation Guide
  • Compatible with both eXtremeRate replacement buttons and official buttons for Steam Deck.

Package Includes:

  • 1* FPC board for Dpad & View buttons
  • 1* FPC board for ABXY & Menu buttons
  • 2* Rubber pads set
  • 1* Screwdriver
  • 1* Prying tool
  • 36* Screws
  • 4* Springs

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