The popular adhesive adapter, Allymate is now available for the ROG Ally. The adapter let’s you attach anything to the back of your Ally including battery banks and SSD’s.

Buy the Allymate Adhesive Adapter Bundle for $54.99 on Amazon and the DeckMate website.


  • 【Versatile】Mount anything to your ROG Ally from battery banks, SSD’s, to USB-C hubs. Use any hub without needing to get a specific dock. Play exactly how you want with all of your ROG Ally accessories.
  • 【Lightweight】All of the function without the weight of a case. It does not interfere with the thermal system, so no cooling fan is needed for long play sessions.
  • 【Quick】Hot swap accessories to your heart’s desire. Takes less than 1 second to swap between any ROG Ally accessory, from battery banks to USB-C Hubs.
  • 【Infinitely Expandable】The adhesive adapters work perfectly with your ROG Ally, but if you like the system, you can use it on any other device you own with the included extra bonus adapter.
  • 【Compatible】Works any other ROG Ally accessory, including docks and cases. This bundle includes both black and white adapters to match your accessories perfectly! Get the perfect configuration of accessories, whether you play at home or on the go.