Ally Report Card 12/19/2023

Hey everyone, we’re back once again for #6 of State of the ALLY!

Known issues that require a update from Asus

SD Card Reader. (issues since 06-22-2023)

  • After an unknown amount of usage, the ally becomes unresponsive until the SD card is removed
  • In rare cases the SD card is damaged, but normally a reformat will repair the logical corruption
  • RMA devices since August seem to be fully working
  • Failure Rates of R8 and newer seem to have greatly reduced

Vibration Noises (8/7/2023)

  • Strange rattling noises
  • Issue is semi resolved by turning vibration motors to 50% or lower
  • Vibration lock that happens where the vibrators remain on locked at whatever vibration strength was active when the bug triggers. They remain on even if you do a Windows restart. Only stops if you do a full shutdown.

Mouse Bug (9/29/2023)

  • After clicking, the mouse is immediately moved in a single direction and will stop taking inputs. This affects drag and dropping the most.

RTM will show being plugged in after resume from sleep when on battery

Requested Features

Highly requested

  • Manual profiles Fan curves to be fully adjustable (or at least lower mins).
  • TDP slider in command center 5w-30w (no boost slider)
  • Actual sub 15W modes, the boost sliders min is 15W
  • GPU Driver Update (Games are prompting 11.1 or newer is required)

Other Requests

  • Allow for DPAD drivers to be initialized from Power On to aid Dual Boot Loaders when selecting OS
  • Fixing time display in Command Center when using 24h format
  • Real Time Monitor Customization
  • overlay time needs to be changed or optional on which time format is used
  • overlay needs to display tdp on both minimal options not tsp
  • Allow the user to change the power plan associated with an ACSE power profile
  • Battery Saver in Armoury crate with ranges from 80% to 90% for bypass charging
  • Option to turn off “White LEDS” next to the power button when the device is hibernating/sleeping.
  • Driver updates through Armoury Crate SE
  • Game List remember last used Sort By

XG Mobile/amoury crate se bugs. (Issues since 07-05-2023/ Updates 9/27)

Most issue are mainly affecting the XG 6850m XT and there seems to be big issue with the way HDMI communicate with XG mobile

  • Activation/deactivation issue is still present even after fully updating ACSE, reinstalling driver or doing cloud recovery.
  • 30W CPU TDP is bugged with XG 6850M XT when Adrenaline is installed and offer <= performance than 20W (165W GPU power doesn’t stick right)
  • ‘Windows” and “Performance” operating mode deactivate CPU fan #2 while connected to XG mobile
  • Leaving the Ally turned on with XG activated and monitor turned off. When turning on the monitor, there is no image and a reboot is required.
  • Upon cold boot with XG activated, image is sent to ally instead of monitor unless physically reconnecting the HDMI cable.
  • False “driver update” or ”Firmware update” upon cold boot.
  • XG Mobile not properly connected visual prompt upon physically connecting the XG mobile.
  • Deactivating the XG mobile sometime does nothing and stay connected (Require a 2nd deactivation for it to deactivate)
  • Upon cold boot with XG connected, image is sent to ally instead of monitor unless physically reconnecting the HDMI cable.
  • Sometimes clicking the XG Mobile icon in AC to activate/deactivate doesn’t do anything

We are all customers here and want to see the Ally and its future versions succeed.
Have a Merry Christmas and we will see you all in 2024!

The r/ROGALLY Discord & Subreddit Admin & Moderator team