State of the Ally #2

  • Source: r/rogally Discord server
  • Author: Raptors:

We’re back again for #2 of our weekly post to discuss/share the state of the ROG ALLY, we’re happy that so many of you checked out the post, found it useful and have been providing your experiences with the device, this 1st post can be found at the bottom of this post. This week we have updated the issue list tracker again to include a few more issues and we are still awaiting a response from ASUS regarding outstanding issues, we hope that this communication improves soon and in the meantime please continue to comment and share your experiences.

Known issues that require a update from Asus

  • SD Card Reader. (issues since 06-22-2023)
    • After an unknown amount of usage, the ally becomes unresponsive until the SD card is removed
    • In rare cases the SD card is damaged, but normally a reformat will repair the logical corruption
    • RMA devices have still had SD failures
    • This community still recommends not using the SD slot
  • XG Mobile/Amoury Crate se bugs. (Issues since 07-05-2023)
    • Upon activating XG mobile will deactivate itself and re-activate itself repeatedly (Looping) seems to be effecting 6850XT the most.
    • Connecting/Disconnecting from the XG mobile will cause Armoury Crate SE to crash leading to loss of Command center and AC buttons. requires a full system reboot to fix or restarting armoury crate se services in task manager
    • Stuck at 100w Bug or 165w not being constant (static)
    • Ally display will stay black after Deactivating requiring a reboot to fix.
    • Issues were introduced with the last Armoury Crate SE updates
  • Deadzones. (Issues since 06-13-2023)
    • For a set of users some games experience an issue where there is a 5 – 40% zone where the joystick is not registered as moving
    • The amount and what games are impacted is not consistent user to user
  • Triggers Pt2 (Tracking since 8/7/2023)
    • New MCU update adjusted the trigger range creating a deadzone of about 30% loss to usable range
    • Prior to this update you had to really press in the triggers to read 100%, now they added a ~ 80% deadzone in software that overcorrected the original issue
  • Input Lag with KB & Mouse when using AC ( 8/7/2023)
    • Introduced in an AC update, there is a lag of input from KB & Mouse to the running games
    • When the two ACSE services are stopped, the lag goes away
  • AC does not go full screen unless you use display scaling of 150% (8/7/2023)
  • Vibration Noises (8/7/2023
    • Strange rattling noises
    • Issue is semi resolved by turning vibration motors to 50% or lower
    • Vibration lock that happens where the vibrators remain on locked at whatever vibration strength was active when the bug triggers. They remain on even if you do a Windows restart. Only stops if you do a full shutdown.
  • SSD Screw too tight from factory (8/5/2023)
    • Many have stripped their SSD screw attempting to do a drive replacement due to the drive screw being overtightened from the factory
    • It is important to get high quality screw driver bits when working with the SSD screw to try and avoid stripping it

Highly requested

  • Gyro Support in ACSE
  • New AMD Drivers
  • Manual profiles Fan curves to be fully adjustable (or at least lower mins).
  • TDP slider in command center 7w-30w (no boost slider)
  • Battery Saver in Armoury crate with ranges from 80% to 90% for bypass charging
  • Driver & Bios updates through Armoury Crate SE
  • Option to turn off “White LEDS” next to the power button when the device is hibernating/sleeping.
  • Allow for DPAD drivers to be initialized from Power On to aid Dual Boot Loaders when selecting OS
  • Actual sub 15W modes, the boost sliders min is 15W

We are all customers here and want to see the Ally and its future versions succeed. Many thanks, The r/ROGALLY Discord & Subreddit Admin & Moderator team