32GB/64GB Ram Upgrade


  • Beardymcgee : 32gb Spearhead, Photos, DIY steps
  • Sinister-Dom: 64gb Spearhead, Parts, & Testing
  • 95Jake: for the APCB Block modifications.
  • e1000: Bios dumps, testing, pictures, and 64gb APCB

DIY Notes:

  • Remove bitlocker from your ssd, and turn off secure boot otherwise you’ll have to wipe and reinstall windows.
  • Bios modifications will be required for anything above 16gb to be usable.
  • The Ally uses 4 315 FPGA pin memory modules, so if you go DIY you’ll need to make sure you order 4 of them.
  • You must check with the seller before placing an order for 7500MT RAM or you will be sent the wrong part.
  • Successful upgrades so far have been Samsung MGCP -> Samsung K9 MGCT
  • This will void your warranty.
  • You will likely need access to a BGA Reball machine if the ram doesn’t take and you have to redo it.
  • There’s a chance this may permanently destroy your motherboard.
  • There may be unforeseen bugs or issues not yet discovered.
  • Micron straps have been worked out, you will need to move a strap resistor to have a different APCB
  • This is a very advanced mod, if you feel overwhelmed at any point reading this you should walk away and just pay a third-party service to upgrade it. Nothing about this is easy or straightforward for anyone who’s not already comfortable in the field and there’s ALOT of risks involved.

Materials needed:

  • Materials needed: – 4 Memory modules**
  • 32gb 7500mt Samsung
  • or
  • 32gb 7500mt Micron
  • MT62F2G32D4DS-023 WT:B
  • 64gb 7500mt Samsung
  • 64gb 7500mt Micron
  • MT62F4G32D8DV-026 WT
  • Bios flash tool( CH341A USB programmer)
  • Flash tool cable(https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000971113716.html)
  • Size 10 Philips screwdriver
  • Plastic pry tool
  • Access to a soldering station, and potentially a reball station if the chips don’t take the first go around.
  • If you have to reball you will need this stencil for this is 70x70mm T=0.15mm

Software needed:


  • Remove the old ram and replace it with the new ram
  • If you don’t have the proper equipment or skill, you should be able to go to pretty much any quality laptop or console repair place that should be able to do this for you and should be only about 60-80USD (110AUD), the chips are preballed so they are ready to go
  • Use a CH341A USB programmer (make sure it has the blue 1.8v attachment) and a WSON8 cable ( https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000971113716.html 30cm 8.4mm is what i got)
  • From here we will disassemble the ally down to the mainboard and remove it.
  • Take the Ally Mainboard and make sure the battery is disconnected and have the USB C cable plugged in, now we will use the programmer and wson8 cable and hook it up to the bios chip.
  • Use an app like NeoProgrammer to fully dump your bios (make a backup and don’t share it as it has your keys and serial number in it)

How to edit the bios

  • You can follow this pdf here.
  • Now since we have a dump of your bios you will want to make a copy of it. Do NOT edit your only bios copy!
  • From here we will mod the bios using a hex editor like imhex
  • You will need This bin file to insert
  • Use CH341A to wipe and apply the new bios
  • Make sure to always run detect when you make the connection and make sure you have a steady hand, in a quiet place as once you start you can move at all to maintain contact with the bios, (this is probably the hardest as it takes about 3 mins to right it)

Reassembly and testing.

  • reassemble, power on, and enjoy
  • Note you will probably get an error stating that there is a new CPU with a secureboot warning etc, so make sure that is disabled before you start applying the modded bios.