MSI Claw 8 AI +

MSI has made a splash at Computex this week by unveiling a range of new products, including an updated version of their Claw handheld, the Claw 8 AI Plus. Given that the original Claw was launched only a few months ago, you might be curious about what enhancements this new version brings.

The primary upgrades are a significantly larger battery and a new CPU featuring Intel’s latest Lunar Lake chips. Among these, the CPU upgrade is the standout. While the original Claw A1M came equipped with a Meteor Lake Intel Core Ultra 5, the new Claw 8 AI Plus boasts Intel’s Lunar Lake chip, promising up to 50 percent more GPU performance than its predecessor.

These enhancements are expected to deliver a superior gaming experience, providing better performance and smoother gameplay thanks to the more powerful CPU/GPU combination. Additionally, the new Claw 8 AI Plus features an 80Wh battery, a substantial increase from the 53Wh battery of the original Claw, aiming to extend gameplay sessions significantly. MSI hasn’t disclosed the price or release date yet, but if the Claw A1M’s timeline is any indication, it could be available soon.

Another notable improvement is the screen size. The Claw 8 AI Plus now sports an 8-inch 16:10 display, up from the original 7 inches, while also maintaining a 120Hz refresh rate. The display is touch-enabled and supports Variable Refresh Rate, enhancing the overall user experience.

MSI has also made design tweaks, including a lighter shell color and less pronounced bottom corners. The device now features a new cooling system called the ‘Cooler Boost HyperFlow,’ designed to keep temperatures lower compared to the Claw A1M.

The Claw 8 AI Plus retains the Hall Effect joysticks with RGB lighting from the original, ensuring a familiar feel for users while incorporating significant upgrades under the hood.