Modding the Asus driver

This short guide instructs how to mod the Asus driver to support the 23.7.2 AMD DirectX, OpenGL and Vulkan drivers. This does not update the Adrenalin version or power management itself.


  • There may be unforeseen bugs or issues not yet discovered.


  • dingoDoobie: Guide and pictures
  • Mushimastergịnko: for making the guide easier to follow!
  • Nick215: for all the testing!


  1. 7zip or similar installed
  2. Download the Asus graphics driver from their official website:
  3. Download the Adrenaline driver on the 7840u page (WHQL version, ~625MB):
  4. Create a system restore point
  5. Uninstall the current graphics driver in Device Manager

The guide

  1. Use 7zip to extract both downloaded driver and open each in there own window.
  2. Open folder 1 whql-amd-software-adrenalin-edition-23.7.2-win10-win11-july25\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\B394106
  3. Open folder 2 AMD_Graphic_DriverOnly_ROG_AMD_Z_V31.0.14058.4001_34509\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\B392868
  4. Copy ONLY files listed in picture FROM folder 1 TO folder 2 that are open. Replace the 25 files when asked.
  1. Follow the short video steps to install “AMD_Graphic_DriverOnly_ROG_AMD_Z_V31.0.14058.4001_34509\Packages\Drivers\Display\WT6A_INF\amdwddme.inf” NOTE When you uninstall AMD graphics driver wait for windows to install it again then proceed.
  1. Restart Ally after install, Adrenaline Software will work as normal. Vulkan driver should be 1.3.250 instead of 1.3.246 if successful. DX and OpenGL versions don’t change, but most of the DLLs are different – not sure what’s happening here.
  2. Clear your shader caches after the install, it will work without doing this but you may encounter bugs.

Files to copy

  • Vulkan: See image 7
  • OpenGL: See image 8
  • DirectX: See image 9

Rolling back

  • Uninstall graphics driver
  • Uninstall AC
  • Uninstall AMD Software
  • Re-install the graphics driver, should auto re-install AMD Software too
  • Re-install AC