Common Issues and Fixes

This is an over view of some fo the current software issues and how to resolve them.

  • Gamepass won’t launch
  • verify Date and Time (also double check AM/PM) is right
  • try steps outlined here:
  • Forza 5 won’t Launch or takes forever
  • Try adding the forza folder in C:\XboxGames to the windows defender exclude list
  • For issues with the lego games not running well please try installing the following:
  • if that doesn’t work, the other method is to disable the touch screen. A very helpful member came up with a bat script to toggle it here:
  • Onscreen Keyboard will not show up when clicking on text fields
  • try rebooting/hard resetting device first
  • Before swaping SSD, sign into device and update the BIOS via the My ASUS app
  • The bios that ships with the device has less than optimal, and sometimes just unusable experience
  • Touch screen unresponsive after coming out of sleep
  • If you go into the device manager and disable the i2c hid device and reenable it fixes it till locks again.
    not ideal but works
  • this issue has been reported to ASUS for further investigation
  • Stick Deadzones
  • ASUS is aware of this issue and is investigating internally
  • This Guide was posted 6/20 that seems to have fixed steam games:
  • Triggers not registering 100%, or require alot of force to get full activation
  • This is a known to the community issue and requires you to go into Armory Crate and change the trigger range
  • SD Card failures/Currupted Data After Few Days of Use
  • We have started to see issues with various SD cards stop working in the Ally after a few days use
  • Some cards flat stop working (Lexar UHS-II) or work on other card readers, just not the one in the Ally
  • Games stored on the SD card stop launching/running correctly
  • We are monitoring the issue and trying to find commonalities, and updating ASUS with any findings
  • Card readers are also causing the system to be unresponsive and hand until the card is pulled