Changelog [June 12, 2023]: ROG Ally

BIOS 319 update released 6/12/23 via MyASUS and 6/23/23 through Windows Update

  • Silent mode TDP has been changed from 9w to 10w.
  • Added support for Extreme Modern Standby. (see below).

AC_config 1.0.11 on 6/1 through Armoury Crate SE

  • Added support for Armoury Crate UI of 10w in silent mode. Please note it needs to work with BIOS 319.

MCU 308 on 6/9/23 through MyAsus

  • Added support for Extreme Modern Standby (see below).

ACSE v1.2.10 on 6/12/2023 through Armoury Crate SE

  • New feature: Extreme Modern Standby extends the standby time of the device by turning off some non-essential features while in sleep mode.
  • UX improvement: Refined language translation for Armoury Crate and added Indonesian.
  • UX improvement: Optimize the position of the mouse cursor when switching between control modes.
  • UX improvement: Optimized the process of selecting game art for new titles in the Game Library.
  • Bug fix: Resolved the occasional issue of the mouse cursor not selecting the right element in certain programs.

Previous Version
BIOS 317:

  • Added support for Modern Standby Assistant (see below).
  • Added support for user-configurable GPU memory (see below).
  • Improved overall system stability.

iGPU driver: 31.0.14058.6 on 6/1/23

  • Fixed game crashes for Asphalt 9, Persona 4 Golden, and Star Wars: Jedi Survivor.
  • Fixed error message for The Last of Us Part I.

iGPU driver v31.0.14003.25002 + AMD Chipset Driver v1.2.0.121 on 5/15/23

  • Fixed an issue where certain programs failed to launch.

ACSE v1.2.5

  • New feature: Armoury Crate’s User Center now supports the ability to backup and restore configured game profiles.
  • New feature: Armoury Crate’s User Center supports Single Sign On with MyASUS v3.1.18.0
  • UX improvement: Improved the order of Aura Sync light patterns in the Command Center toggle.
  • Bug fix: Resolved an issue where after switching from Manual mode to another mode, the command center will still display that the Manual mode is active.

ACSE v1.2.4

  • New feature: Modern Standby Assistant helps the system enter hibernate to save battery.
  • New feature: Users can now manually adjust the amount of memory assigned to the GPU in Armoury Crate, from 1GB to 8GB.
  • New feature: User can now disable the Embedded Controller to allow for external gamepads.
  • New feature: Users can now create custom key combinations in Control Mode Configuration.
  • New feature: Added the “Xbox” button as an option for Actions in button mapping.
  • New feature: Added a “Back to Desktop” function in Command Center.
  • New feature: Added a volume adjustment slider in Command Center.
  • New feature: Added a shutdown button in Command Center.
  • New feature: Added an option in Media Gallery to open the media directory in File Explorer.
  • UX improvement: Added an Exit icon on the Navigation Bar.
  • UX improvement: The alert for running multiple programs has been updated with new language.
  • UX improvement: Improved the animation for thumbstick range adjustment and improved the slider behavior for Stick/Trigger/Vibration adjustment.
  • UX improvement: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi have now been merged into one “Connection” option.
  • UX improvement: Users will now receive an error pop-up if insufficient storage space is detected when taking screenshots or recording video.
  • UX improvement: When an external screen is connected, Windows will automatically switch to “Display second screen only” by default.
  • UX improvement: Added TDP information to the Operating Mode icons in Command Center.
  • UX improvement: Added support for Danish, Polish, Romanian, and Thai languages
  • UX improvement: Added an XG Mobile tray icon in the Windows taskbar for quick switching when eGPU is detected.
  • UX improvement: Added Base Clock, ROG Boost, and ROG Boost OC measurements for NVIDIA XG Mobile GPUs.
  • Bug fix: Improved overall stability of Armoury Crate SE.
  • Bug fix: Resolved an issue where saved screenshots and videos were not appearing on the Media Library page.
  • Bug fix: Resolved an issue where the Left Bumper would not open the storage file path in Media Gallery.
  • Bug fix: Resolved an issue where the ROG Ally would not properly utilize the XG Mobile (GC31/GC33).
  • Bug fix: Resolved an issue where the audio settings would not display and updated ASUS Framework from v4.0.0.4 to v4.0.0.5.