Castle in the Clouds

Castle in the Clouds
This is a 2D pixel-art ero exploration action game! Receiving H attacks causing stripping, which damages nearby enemies and gives you temporary invincibility.Beware of enemies that have hearts floating over them... if they catch you they'll make sure you won't be able to walk straight for a while. Sometimes succubi lie in wait inside treasure chests. If they hit you with their horny beam, you become unable to fight, have your movement restricted. To overcome it, you must either take some recovery medicine, or masturbate to climax. Take quests from the guild in town in order to progress the story. Level up at the Inn by defeating enemies, and acquire points, which can be used increase your capabilities. Customize your build to your liking, whether that be attacking-focus, magic-focus, tanking, or any other combination! 4 difficulty options ensure even those who aren't good at action games can enjoy it! The easiest difficulty level halves enemy damage, and gives you an item that lets you turn to town anytime.
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Profiles It runs great at:
10w silent, 120fps,
Gamepad support
Lost in the clouds