ASUS ROG Ally BIOS 323 Is Almost Here!

The word on the street is that the new update will include a few welcome updates. Joystick deadzone changes, a new turbo function, and support for 65-watt-and-above-chargers lead the new changes in BIOS 323.

BIOS 323 for the ASUS ROG Ally is due for release on July 21, 2023, and includes support for different chargers, performance fixes, and a selection of new features.

The news of the latest BIOS update leaked a few hours ago!

At a Glance

  • BIOS 323 due for release on July 21.
  • Features compatibility for third-party 65-watt-and-above chargers.
  • Adds turbo function. 
  • Changes to the joystick deadzone in desktop mode.

Further Reading

Perhaps the most notable change is the addition of support for up to 65 watts. Previously, the ROG Ally’s most powerful operating mode, 30-watt, was only available when connected to a third-party charger. The maximum you could go up to was 25 watts, which meant owners were missing out on the full potential of the Ally when connected to a charger.

It will be interesting to see if this will also allow for a number of different Steam Deck docks, which were previously limited to 25 watts when connected to the Ally.

The MyASUS update will also be available on the same day, which includes a new turbo feature, the ability to use the left bumper to move tabs in the BIOS, and a six percent joystick deadzone while in desktop mode.

There is no mention of any fan curve changes at this time. The fan curve changes were introduced with BIOS 322 to address the heat-related issues that cause SD reader to fail. I think we can safely assume that ASUS is still ironing out some issues in this regard.

In the meantime, please take a look at the complete patch notes below.

BIOS 323 on 7/21/23 through MyASUS

  • UX improvement: Added 30W support when plugging in 65W or higher wattage adapters.
  • UX improvement: Update PD charger pop-up notification message (Requires Throttle Monitor Merge Module plugin update available through Armoury Crate SE).
  • UX improvement: Modified minimum backlight value from 25nits to 10nits.
  • UX improvement: After updating the BIOS, the VRAM setting will keep its previous value.
  • UX improvement: Eliminated the performance gap between AC and DC in Performance mode.

MCU 310 on 7/21/23 through MyASUS

  • New feature: added Hold to repeat (Turbo) support for ABXY, joystick click, LB, RB, M1, M2 and the D-Pad in the GameProfile.
  • UX improvement: Assigned the LB key to navigate tabs in the BIOS.
  • UX improvement: Default deadzone has been changed to 6% in Desktop mode when the joystick is used as a mouse pointer.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug where in Gamepad mode and the device is on battery, the joystick RGB lighting won’t resume after 1 minute idle.
  • Bug fix: Fixed a bug where pressing M1 or M2 would cancel inputs from any other buttons if pressed together.